About ACEF

The Asia Christian Education Fund (ACEF) is a Japanese registered non-profit/ charity organization for international cooperation founded in 1990. It has contributed to the improvement of Education and Welfare in Bangladesh through supporting the primary and secondary education for children in Bangladesh based on the Christian spirit.
It also aims to promote Japan’s international cooperation education by fostering young Japanese people who work to solve various problems in developing nations.
ACEF hopes for all children to receive education, learn to be kind to others, and to grow into peace makers.
We have been working with our partner in Bangladesh, a country known as the poorest in Asia in 1990, in building and operating elementary schools. We have also visited Bangladesh with Japanese youths and learned to live together despite the many differences.
Please join us in our work as we continue to support the education of children and youths in Asia.

Vision & Mission



ACEF aims to create a society where people can share in the joy of living together knowing that the dignity of each person will be respected.


    • To fulfill a calling to live in solidarity with others, ACEF seeks to work in partnership with the peoples of Asia.
    • ACEF aims to provide educational opportunities for growth for younger generations so that they will be equipped to build a world where people of different cultures and ethnicities can respect each other.
    • ACEF is committed to connecting the peoples of Japan and Bangladesh by creating spaces where each can learn from each other and experience mutual growth.

Our Partner in Bangladesh (BDP)

Basic Developments Partners (BDP) was established in 1999 with the financial assistance of Asia Christian Education Fund (ACEF) of Japan.

Today, BDP operates 43 schools in 6 areas of Bangladesh, providing education for approximately 5,000 students.
・Pre-Primary education (Feeder)
・Non-formal Primary Education Program (NFPE)
・Vocational Education Program (VEP)

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Brief History

Since 1990, ACEF has worked with BDP- our partner NGO in Bangladesh- for the education of children. Our activities began with the cooperation between Dr. Mina Marakarl and Rev. Yoshitaka Funato, which resulted in starting and operating a non-formal primary school for children who were unable to access education for various reasons. After 30 years, we have expanded our activities operating vocational educational schools, scholarship programs for secondary education, and micro-financing business to support women.
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ACEF aims to support and encourage children and youth in Asia by providing educational opportunities.

In Bangladesh
・Primary Education Support
・Vocational Education Program
In Japan
・Study Tour program
・Seminars and workshops

In Bangladesh

Primary Education Support

ACEF cooperates with BDP to build and operate Preschools and non-formal elementary schools (1-5 years). Non-formal schools are schools established and operated by private organizations such as NGOs in areas where public schools are absent. These schools have been rebuilt from an open-air classroom to a brick school building with grass and bamboo roofs. There are currently 43 schools in 6 districts with approximately 5,000 students. Today, the enrollment rate of primary schools is 100%, however, the enrollment rate in secondary schools is only 80%.
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Vocational Education Program

With the first BDP elementary school graduates in 1996, the first vocational training school was opened for students who showed excellency but were unable to enter junior high school due to financial difficulties. High school graduates and unemployed youths now have the opportunity to acquire better income by learning woodwork / welding, car repair, electrical work / home appliance repair, and sewing skills in these free vocational training schools. Recently, the computer course has begun, and women are now able to take office jobs at companies and government offices.

car repair

electrical work

A new vocational training school opened in Jamalpur in 2020 with a three-year grant from the Japan International Cooperation Foundation, aiming to make management sustainable.
・Mirpur district: sewing course, PC course (new)
・Phu Bile district: Automotive machinery department, Electrical basics department, PC course (currently all 3 courses are suspended)
・Jamalpur district: Automotive machinery department (new), Electrical basics department (new)

PC course

Other Activities(by BDP)

In addition to the above, with the help from other partner organizations, BDP implements health education and nutrition programs. ACEF also cooperates with BDP in emergency assistance in the event of a large-scale disaster in Bangladesh.
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In Japan

Study Tour Programs

ACEF hosts a 10 day study tour to Bangladesh twice a year in the spring/summer. Participants visit the elementary schools and meet the teachers and students of BDP schools. This experience has become a life changing and memorable experience for many who have previously participated in this program.


Seminars and Workshops

ACEF hosts various seminars and workshops throughout the year.
Dignity Cafe: ACEF’s Dignity Cafe uses “Dignity” by Donna Hicks as the main text to study together in a casual atmosphere. It provides a participative opportunity to learn about how to regard dignity. In our Dignity Cafe, we try to see daily lives from a perspective of dignity and to discuss practicing dignity. This event is mainly operated by university students, but anyone is welcome if you are interested! (Contact: dignity-wg@acef.or.jp )


  • 50 USD will allow one year for education for one student.
  • 100 USD will allow one class to be operated for one month.
  • 500 USD will allow one school to operate for one month. 6000 USD for one year.

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